Relating to your pet in a manner that is respectful is crucial to clear communication between you and your companion animal.


Concise communication between you and your companion animal is essential in building motivation based on a mutually trusting relationship.


Motivation utilizing respect and clear communication creates an environment where your companion animal desires and is enthusiastic to follow your instructions.

Deepening the Human-Animal Bond

Animal training expert in Hamilton, Montana. WELCOME! The Joyful Animal is owned and operated by Jewel Willis. As a Certified Dog Trainer, Jewel utilizes an integrated model of training based on motivational techniques and management, clear communication, and respect for our animal companions.
Human-animal ideology.

To respect each animal as an individual.

To recognize the individual learning process of every human and animal.

To teach communication between owner and pet through understanding and education.

To encourage harmony, cooperation, and trust between companion animals and their owners.

To honor the role of companion animals in our lives and bring awareness to the importance of animals in our lives.

Human-animal ideology.